Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Contact part 2 and update

OK, before I go into more about how I was contacted by these online AI avatars I gotta say something. I am at band practice right now and we have already played some shows with the band. It all happened so fast. Trying to figure out how to get them on stage with us was next to impossible for our first show. I mean, it was like encrypted text at first, then before we ever got to see images of them on their world we got a eat for the song they wrote for the band called Phriends 4 U. For our first show we only had footage from 808. Everyone else was just green screened versions of Ed and I dressed up as the band as what we could remember what they looked like. Dr. 808 was able to send us footage of himself playing drums right before he scanned himself into the dark net. BUt I will tell you more about that later. I figure this will be an on going blog while the band exists.

I want to give you some current news on Phriendz while I tell you about the contact. And the contact is continuing as I type.
So a writer named RU Sirius had Phriendz make a remix to his song  Mussolini Makes The Planes Run On Time from 1982. Here is a link t RU Sirius so you can know a little more about him.
Here is the song. Oh Yeah, subscribe to our youtube while you are at it.

Dr. 808, BassBot, and Kenzie Keyz were so stoked when we told them about getting to do the remix. We sent them the mp3 or the original track from 1982 and they sent i back to us with Some 808 magik, extra chunky bass from BassBot, and some nice synth parts from Kenzie Keyz. Ed and I then added chunky guitars and Ed's ableton magik to some serious Donald Trump wise talk. How the fuck that dude has hair that fucked is beyond control. QTF? His hair aloone should disqualify him from being rich. Sorry, thats mean. Maybe I am jealous because I am balding.

So 808 thinks the UN aka the Illuminati is after us because they know we are like Bill and Ted's excellent adventure in a Matrix type of way. Just think about it, NEO was in both movies. But 808 is even more tripped out than me on conspiracy theories. He says we all actually live in the Phriendtrix. He believes our worlds will become one. Like whats up with Star Wars kid? That dude was awesome. Is he stuck in an IP address somewhere too? And I can't tell if we are in a Minecraft reality of our own controlled by Aliens. But you do not want to get us started on that shiznit because it always leads back to the Lizard King himself "Jim Morrison." I heard he liked to buy acid from The Grateful Dead. But who wouldn't wanna buy acid from the Grateful Dead. Shit, I'd buy some off Phil Lesh today, but I am pretty sure he does not sell acid or would even consider doing something like becoming a lot kid and going on Phish tour. I heard he is enjoying being a Grandfather and rocking out on the side.
Did I mention that the band is named after Phil Lesh and Friends. Believe it or not it was Dr. 808's idea to call the band Phriendz. He said he'd been watching Ed and I for some time before he contacted me. Ya see, Dr. 808 was a punk rock drummer before he zapped himself into the dark net. Before the dark net he hated Phish, WSP, and especially The Grateful Dead. But once he was in the darknet he started exploring the net enternally and could enter dead shows through through online portals. He also discovered how to make lsd for AI all in a downloadable code for an AI brain. He is now a huge fan of ALL music. He really loves The Grateful Dead. But he still loves Nirvana and The Circle Jerks.
Ed and I gotta get back to practice.              

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